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Article: Your Guide to Dreadlock Extensions

Your Guide to Dreadlock Extensions

What Are Dreadlock Extensions?

Dreadlock extensions have become increasingly popular in later years. The reason is that people have requested a loc style that can be done without them having to go through the locking process. This takes between six months and a year.

Dreadlock extensions also allow you to wear beautiful locs without having to commit. Therefore, if and when you want a new hairstyle, you won’t have to comb them out or worse, cut your hair. All you have to do is remove the extensions and you’re done!

The Pros and Cons of Dreadlock Extensions

You’re already hooked on the pros, but we’ll also give you the cons because we care about you!


  • Getting length without waiting for your hair to grow
  • Instant gratification
  • Dreadlocks match your hair perfectly
  • You get to choose the style
  • Dreadlocks extensions work with any hair style


  • They are fake       
  • They might fall out

How Long Will My Dreadlock Extensions Last?

Taking into account your hair type and the installation method, your dreadlock extensions can last for a few months, a few years or even be permanent.

With the crochet method, Afro hair is permanent while straight hair lasts between one and two years if you use synthetic hair. 2-3 years or more with human hair.

How Many Dreadlock Extensions Do I Need?

It depends on your haircut, how thick your hair is, and the diameter of the dreadlock itself. Here is the average:

  • Kinky Afro hair with medium or thick extensions – 40-60 extensions
  • Kinky Afro hair with skinny extensions – 80-120 extensions
  • Straight hair with medium or thick extensions – 40-50 extensions
  • Straight hair with skinny extensions – 60-70 extensions

How Long Should My Hair Be to Get Extensions?

The installation of dreadlock extensions requires at least 3-5 inches (8 to 13cm). If you want small extensions in diameter, which we call pencil size, only 3 inches will suffice. You will need 5 inches for sharpie size extensions or bigger. As you can see, the length depends on how thick you want the extensions to be, how thick your own hair is, and what type of hair you have.

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