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Article: Things You Didn't Know About Dreadlocks

Things You Didn't Know About Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are definitely a hot hairstyle now. Dreadlock is not only cool and stylish, but also shows your trendy attitude. But if you want to keep your dreadlocks in a good state, there are usually many things that need attention.

1. What kind of shampoo should I use to wash dreadlocks?
The choice of shampoo is actually very important, because the dreadlocks are hooked, so it is not recommended to use moisturizing shampoos, such shampoos will make the hair more supple and cause the hooked hair to spread out. So here we suggest to choose the most common shampoo. If you have dandruff, just use ordinary anti-dandruff.

2. Can I blow it with a hair dryer after washing the dreadlocks?
Whether you can use a hair dryer after washing dreadlocks has always been a topic of debate, and different hairstylists have different ideas about it. Our suggestion is to use a hair dryer, but it depends on the situation. I believe everyone knows that dreadlocks are hooked in different parting, so once the hair is washed, there will be water in the root of the hair. At this time, you have to use a hair dryer. Use gentle wind to dry the hair roots. Because once the hair roots store moisture, it is easy to cause a series of problems such as folliculitis!

3. Do you really need to rub your hair frequently?
I believe every hairstylist will tell you this, it is best to rub your hair frequently after the hair is braided, which will make the hair stronger. Indeed, this statement is correct. If you really have a dreadlock, remember to rub your hair more when you are free!

4. What items are not suitable for bundling dreadlocks?
Everyone usually chooses to tie up the dreadlocks. After all, it is still a bit inconvenient to spread the dreadlocks. But if you have dreadlocks, you must not use rubber bands to tie them, because the rubber bands are easy to tie too tightly, causing the roots of the dreadlocks to deform.

5. Taking care of dreadlocks is also very important!
Taking care of your dreadlocks is also an essential part of keeping your dreadlocks neat and tidy. Many people always ignore this step after braiding their dreadlocks. In fact, it is very important to take care of them. Under normal circumstances, one to two months or so can find a dreadlocks master for a care. Let the hairstylist  hook in the growing hair, hook the loose ends of the hair, tidy up the broken hair and so on!

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