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Regular dreadlocks

These handmade 100% human hair dreadlock extensions are the perfect way to add length or thickness to your existing dreadlocks. They are also a great way to repair broken locs. Each loc is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, and is sure to look and feel like natural-grown locs.

Curly Locs & Curly Ends Locs

Curly Locs:New process. Standardized shaping in the factory, more durable, more orderly.
Curly Ends Locs:Whole Long Hair, No Broken Hair.

Dreadlocks Toupee

The combination of afro toupee and dreadlocks is more convenient for customers to wear and saves the trouble of braiding dreads.

Afro Hair Toupee & Cornrow Braids Toupee

Afro Hair Toupee:Help people with hair loss to solve the trouble, a variety of bottom materials to choose from, can make different hair style like Mohican hair style, Punk hairstyle and others.
Cornrow Braids Toupee:Professional hair stylists weave according to the current fashion. Saves you the trouble of braiding your own hair.

Afro Kinky Hair Bulks

Fluffy 100% human hair afro kinkys bulk for locks. Natural look, soft and skin-friendly, Exactly match your own hair's texture. Can be bleached and dyed.