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About us

Story of Daixi Dreadology

Daixi Dreadology is a company, focus on production and development of human hair dreadlocks extensions, afro hair bulk, afro hair toupee and dreadlocks toupee. Daixi Dreadology was founded in 2017 by Javier W and his hairstylist friends who love locs styles. In communication with their customers, Javier realized that there are two annoying issues borthering most of the cutomers which are slow natural hair growing rate and difficulty of cleaning. After a long learning trip from Vancouver to Miami, end at Mexico City. Javier and his team learnt different locs styles and local locs making techniques. We used three months to absorb learnt techniques and developed Daixi Dreadology Locs Extension at end of 2017. The goal of Daixi Dreadology will always be providing convenient and quality locs extensions and sloving the sore spots for dreadlocks fans in their locs journey!
This is the official website of Daixi Corporation!