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Article: Loc Extensions Daily Care

Loc Extensions Daily Care

All Daixi Dreadology Locs are made by virgin human hair, just care like your own locs. Locs extensions could be a bit stiff when you just receive it. After washing them, locs will turn soft and natural. Just notice that after many times washing and cleaning, locs could be loose and fluffy, all you need to do is locking it up by the pulling needle came with package.

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Handmade & Quality Control

Dreadlocks:Daixi Dreadology works with more than 500 experienced craftspersons in our supply line, it takes more than 1200 times poking and pulling to lock up a quality 8 inch loc extensions. Croch...

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Dreadlocks Care Tips

Wash your dreadlocks once a week, but do not every day. Wash locs with warm water, dont soak your dreads for more than a few monents at a time. Wash locs with sulfate-free shampoo, work it into...

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