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Article: How to Dye Dreadlocks

How to Dye Dreadlocks

  1. Moisturize and Deep-Condition your locs 1-2 days before dyeing.
  2. Bleach your locs before dyeing, it’s necessary to bleach locs if you want to dye locs to lighter colors. But never bleach locs too much, it can damage locs. There are also natural alternatives to bleach locs, apply lemon juice to locs and lie out in the sun, or wash your locs with water and baking soda...
  3. After bleaching wash locs through and towel dry them, apply natural dreadlocks conditioner once locs are dry.
  4. Mix hair dye in a bowl, and cover the outside of your locs in colors.
  5. Massage a small amount of the bleach into the locs, adding 10-15 minutes of setting time for dreadlocks.
  6. Wash out your locs until the water runs clean. And wash your locs less for color-treated locs.

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Dreadlocks Care Tips

Wash your dreadlocks once a week, but do not every day. Wash locs with warm water, dont soak your dreads for more than a few monents at a time. Wash locs with sulfate-free shampoo, work it into...

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How to wear a toupee

With tape First, you need wash your hair and then dry completely to make an oil-free and remove any stubble/hair from the area of scalp to be bonded. You can use the hairline as a reference point a...

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